About MNS University of Agriculture Multan

MNS University of Agriculture Multan is located at Old Shujaabad Road, Chungi No. 21, Sui Gas road, Multan, in the very fertile and productive area of Southern Punjab, Pakistan which is famous for the production of export quality mango and cotton.

Environmental conditions of this area is suitable for the growing of various major crops (wheat, cotton, sugarcane, rice, maize, sunflower and fodder crops etc.) minor crops (sarson, toria, canola, raya and pulses i.e. gram, lentil, mung bean and mash bean etc.),horticultural crops (mango, citrus, guava, datepalm, pomegranate, falsa, ber, banana, strawberry, grapes and different vegetables etc.

Agricultural potential and specific ecological conditions of the Southern Punjab led to the establishment of a full-fledge Agriculture University in Multan. The Chief Minister of Punjab was kind enough to start the Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture in Multan.

The University has started its academic activities during 2012 at Agriculture Farm, Old Shujaabad Road, Multan through the interim arrangement of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. The laboratory facilities for the conduct of practical classes are available at Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Mango Research Institute (MRI), Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory at Cotton Research Station (CRS), Pesticide Analysis Laboratories and Faculty of Agricultural Science & Technology, BZU Multan.

During 2014, the University is independent.The highly qualified staff (Phd., M. Phil/M. Sc. (Hons.))is available as teaching faculty. Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences Department of Food Science and Technology Department of Agronomy Department of Plant Pathology Department of Agri. Entomology Department of Forestry and Rangeland Management Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Department of Horticulture Department of Agricultural Extension A piece of land comprising of 180 acres is allocated at Mouza Rangeelpur, Old Shujaabad Road for the construction of permanent University building and departments. In addition to this, piece of land measuring 50 acres at Mouza Makhdoom Rashid is for innovation and commercialization of products for farmers and 500 acres land at Jalalpur Pirwala for agricultural experimental farms and Veterinary Faculty. The emphasis would be on healthy and viable seed production, improving soil health for sustainable crop production, development of improved varieties of crop along with improvement of cultural practices, cropping system, weed control, insect toxicology, insecticide resistance, integrated pest management strategies, drip irrigation system, tunnel farming, agro-forestry, pre and post-harvest technologies of crops and fruits.

However, in future allied faculties such as Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Animal Sciences, and Faculty of Basics Sciences shall be included.

University Act 2013