2nd International Conference on “Climate Smart Agriculture”

Themes of the Conference

The conference will focus on the following major thematic areas.

Climate smart agricultural (CSA) innovations.

  • Recent advancements in agriculture to climate change
  • Proposed effective technologies for CSA
  • Effective strategies and policies for CSA
  • Farmer perceptions to CSA    

Climate Smart management of surface and ground water

  • Adaptation for flood and drought
  • Floods/drought: early warning and early action
  • Ground and surface water quality
  • Precision water management for sustainable crop production.   

Climate smart soil and fertilizer management

  • Climate smart technologies to enhance fertilizer use efficiency
  • Soil and water pollution and its remediation.
  • Successful technologies for utilizing marginal soils

Global warming impacts and mitigation

  • Impact of increasing temperature on crop production
  • Greenhouse gasses and carbon sequestration actions to mitigate climate change
  • Climate risk management
  • Carbon markets/trade

Climate smart farming systems

  • Climate smart cropping; systems
  • Climate smart livestock systems 

 Modeling for climate change:

  • Predication and decision support modeling
  • Climate modeling; climate change scenarios
  • Crop modeling and impact assessment.    
  • Economic modeling
  • ICT tools for decision making

Food diversification for future food security 

  • Crop diversification for climate resilience and nutritional security
  • Introduction of new crops for new environments
  • Functional foods
  • Biofortification

Socio-economic perspectives and policy innovations for CSA

  • Socio-economic impacts of CSA
  • Adoption of CSA and success stories
  • Climate smart villages

Modified Integrated pest and disease management for CSA

  • Integrated insect-pest management under climate variability scenario
  • Novel disease management strategies for CSA.