Central Library

MNSUAM is a growing library with rapidly expanding. It provides quality services, resources, and lifelong learning opportunities through books and a variety of other formats to meet various informational and educational needs. It develops and organizes collections for optimal use and provides links to remote information sources. The mission of the Library is to provide access to and delivery of information resources to students, faculty, and staff in support of the research and instructional mission of the University. It contains a huge collection of books including multiple copies of all the text books, reference books and magazines for serving its community.

  • Developing and maintaining collections that facilitate of the academic pursuits of the university.
  • To locate, evaluate and use information available in a variety of innovative and traditional formats.
  • Promoting the access to novel resources through innovative methods.
  • Fostering a work-place culture where library staff understands the efforts required by this university in this rapidly changing information environment.
  • The Library continues to embrace change and align itself with modern times in providing a student-centered learning environment, to support professional growth and opportunity, and to reward flexibility and innovation.
  • To serve future users, the Library preserves information across all formats and ensures effective storage and delivery systems.
  • Our mission is to excel in supporting the academic and scholarly endeavor of our users, in their core instructional and research requirements through utilizing the best possible resources, systems and services.
  • The library aims to encourage and support the academic and research activities of faculty, staff and students. It provides a full range of services that include online information searching, reference services, inter-library loan, document delivery (printed and electronic), access to digital resources etc.
  • To make the department a premier knowledge hub for MNSUAM community that promotes the university’s global enterprise vision.
  • To develop and enhance the information sources and services to meet the demands of the curricular, instructional, and research programs of the academic community.
  • To train student’s/faculty members in mastering information skills that will enrich their academic and personal lives and enable them to become independent lifelong learners.
  • To automate the library operations and establish a high-tech infrastructure for provision of state of the art services.
  • Enabling active dissemination of instrumental information by departments at regional, national and international level.
  • To establish a strong library link with other institutions/organizations at local and national level.
  • To provide services that may enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity.
  • To collect, store, preserve and disseminate the information for benefit of MNSUAM community.

MNSUAM Library Collection connects the University community to more than 6000 books, and magazines and CDs on a wide range of topics related to Agriculture, Computer Science and English/Urdu/Islamic Literature. A wide variety of online full-text journals databases are available including HEC’s Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN) project. Materials are available for use to the entire community of the University for conducting independent research, enhancing curricular content, or simply broadening horizons.

You can access OPAC through:-  library.mnsuam.edu.pk

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Library observes the official opening hours of the University. The library timings may, however, change, in which case it will be properly notified. Following are the library timings for the current academic year:

Monday to Friday--------- 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Central Library, MNS University of Agriculture, Multan

Email: library@mnsuam.edu.pk

 Name: Rubina Ahmed
 Position: Deputy Librarian / HoD
 Qualification: Master in Library & Information Sciences
 Experties: Administration, Acquisition 
 Email Address: rubina.ahmed@mnsuam.edu.pk
 Name: Muhammad Kashif  
 Position: Assistant Librarian 
 Qualification: BS (Hons) Library & Information Sciences
 Experties: Management, Automation, Information Technology  
 Email Address: kashif@mnsuam.edu.pk