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There is a Chinese saying“Ren Zhong Dao Yuan” Ren  Zhong mean heavy responsibilities and Dao Yuan mean a long way to go. So the massage of idiom is to work hard and persist. The long horny way of learning and earning might be bumpy and tough but it will finally stand you in a position to give and gain. DICE (Distinguished, Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship) Foundation is US based non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in Michigan USA. DICE Foundation provides   opportunities among students and Youth to have their own business with novely novel and gimmickyly gimmicky ideas. This time University of Agriculture Multan UAM have honor to organize DICE Agriculture and Food Science competition during 9-10 October 2019.

University of Agriculture Multan is lucky enough to have a Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asif Ali a man who believe in practicability he is the propagandist of   unity, faith and discipline. He is the possessor of five rules in his life and for him these rules are as inevitable as breathing for all of us. For him what matters in life is not what you have bought but what you have build, for him what matters in life is not what you have got but what have gave, for him what matters in life is not your success but what matters in life is your significance, for him what matters in life is not what you have learned so far but for him what matters in life is what you have taught so far and for him what matters in life is not your competence but what matters in life is your character, character and character alone. He is burning the mid night candle to ignite leadership among Youth through different National and International trainings to unveil opportunities for the students of University of Agriculture Multan. He wants to build social and business Entrepreneurship by possessing the credentials of peace, patience and pluralism amoung students. The credit goes to His Excellency Prof. Dr. Asif Ali that first time in history of Multan Hamza Akram a youngest Entrepreneur candidate will represent University of Agriculture Multan during high profile Study of United States Institutes SUSI at the University of Massachusetts USA during August 2019 with generous support of United States of America’s  Embassy Islamabad and State Department.

The main objective of DICE 2019 ASF Multan is to develop  cohesive linkages between  Agriculture universities, food sciences industry, to advertize unique Pakistani food products which are matchlessly matchless as far as agriculture and food sciences industry is concerned and to create such a brain storming among Youth to have unique ideas to tender  innovation in  agriculture and food products.

In the city of Saints University of Agriculture Multan is going to organize first DICE ASF Multan mega Business Entrepreneurship competition on 09-10 October 2019. The University of Agriculture Multan will invite more than 35 Universities from all Provinces representing different ideas regarding Pakistani food and Agriculture based products. It is the matter of great reverence for UAM to be host of delegates from entire Pakistan. There will thirteen different Cash prizes for young entrepreneurs to open their business as seed funding. The DICE Foundation is helping brotherly and sisterly I was reading the massage of head honcho of DICE   Foundation USA. There is an advice by the DICE Foundation’s Chairman to read my massage and close your eyes on official website http://dicefoundation.org/home-page/about-dice/message-from-the-chairman . I did close my eyes and there was a titanic chain of sustainable success moving all around   my eyes. Honestly speaking while closing my eyes reading and thinking I felt serenity, prosperity and much more. The massage   was such a vibrant which can open the eyes of the eyes and the ears of the ears of those who want to do something for this homeland of yours and mine. Thumbs up and hats off to the vision of Dr. Khurshid Qureshi Chairman & Founder, DICE Foundation, USA. Let me have honor to share his Solemnity Mr. Qureshi’s massage on his official page the opening lines states

“Welcome to DICE Foundation! Before I proceed, I would like to make a request  Please read the following sentence and then close your eyes and repeat it “I want to see Pakistan as one of the most socially, technologically and economically advanced and prosperous nations of the world in My Lifetime!”

I felt Mr. Qureshi a philanthropically philanthropic, devoutly devout soul who want to do something for the Youth of Pakistan. I see Pakistan as emerging Asian Tiger. We are having such a geostrategic location that we are best in the world. There is a cogent reason behind this because we have “Gawadar” and about Gawadar renowned humanitarian Dr.Rafique Ahmad says it is “ Gawadar is white Gold of Asia” as he wants to work and harvest high quality of Education at ‘Moza Chah Tani Bal Tahsil Jewani Gawadar’ by donating his own property. We have excellent examples of social Entrepreneurship by chance dear readers of the world family Gawadar alone is the gateway of progress and development form China to South East Asia. In this connection Pakistan is fortunate enough to be back bone but we need to understand our own credentials. We must understand International friends and their political poly too because I believe in this that “business is business and a cup of tea is a cup of tea”.

Dear readers I am honored to write this article while I am in HEBEI China you know when you travel you observe many things I personally felt that Chinese believe in this that  everything takes time what we  need to do is  to take a baby step, a baby step  and a baby step as there is Chinese saying “Qian li zhi xing,  shi yu zu xia” meaning of saying is “A thousand mile journey begins with first step” . The basic lesson of entrepreneurship is to just jump and wait for the result. As it said that “the loftiest towers rise from the ground”. I must reiterate the saying of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif RA late a renowned ‘Sufi’-cum-Scholar that “why do we see covert knowledge of ’Irfan-e-Haq’ and Ilm-e-Luduani’ of  top Saints of this world  from their top summit they might took the first step even” so what we need to cogitate is to peep very first step of theirs.

I appreciate the movers and shakers of DICE Foundation USA rendering remarkable services for newly new business talent of  Pakistan. There is a world of difference in saying and doing as things are differently different when it comes to practicability particularly in my homeland. The University of Agriculture Multan rendering amazing services and going to be one of leading University  around Pakistan to groom our Youth and let them stand up for their own business. There is no iota of doubt that Pakistan is lucky enough to have more than 65% of  Youth. DICE Foundation USA wants to equip the Youth of Pakistan to have their own business idea and win seed grant to start business though a competitive process.  The credit goes to DICE which is working in Pakistan since 2007 to ignite Entrepreneurship among Youth in a gaudily gaudy, garishly garish, luridly lurid and loudly loud way and by chance the Organization is achieving the bona fide vision of Dr. Khurshid Qureshi Chairman & Founder, DICE Foundation, USA.

The office of Research Innovation and Commercialization ORIC of University of Agriculture Multan is taking care of DICE 2019 ASF. Is not it too good to be true to share the real master of ceremony who is by chance having all the history and chemistry of DICE Foundation through voracious experience Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali is keenly taking care of the DICE 2019 ASF event hopes are there that it will bring mega opportunities for the Youth of Pakistan and will pave the way to bring philosophical ideas with technological methods regarding food products throughout Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali is a potently potent preacher of social and business entrepreneurship. Most of students have a common complain to Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Director ORIC University of Agriculture Multan that we do not have enough funds to start business what though we have rigorously competitive ideas. Prof. Zulfiqar always have kind suggestions for all of them like once he was delivering lecture to the students on entrepreneurship and said that 

“ The Doland Trumph the President of USA  is rich enough, but he cannot buy one extra year.”

The biggest excuse the student community claim is this that we cannot start our own business because of lacking financially   they have one common problem “we don’t have enough money, money and money which is everything for them.” So for those who claim failure he discussed the example of Mr. Jack Ma of The People Republic of China that interestingly when Jack Ma was trying to start his business twenty years ago Jack Ma  applied to thirty different  jobs when he was looking for work and was rejected from all of them the story does not end here, he even was rejected from a job at KFC where twenty four  people applied and they hired everyone but what a joke Jack Ma was rejected pigs might fly if they have they wings but the story does not end here even. In the same way his group of friends applied for police job in China all of them got job but he was rejected. He felt he is bad in English speaking he started work with foreign visitors as a free tour guide in Hangzhou, a city in an Eastern costal province of Zhejiang not far from Shanghai, China and improved his English in nine years. Interesting fact is this that he rode his bike for forty minutes every morning, rain or show he have been traveling for free with tourist from Hangzhou city hotel to West Lake district just to improve his English Language. He wrote to Harvard for a total of 10 times for admission and Jack Ma was knocked back every single time but today  the same person who have had been rejected by Harvard is delivering lecture as an motivational Speaker at the same university and many other Summits of the World. Dr. Zulfiqar further said same Jack Ma is now founder of a $200 Billion+ company Ali Baba, then my dear little sons and daughters of South Punjab you too  must not have any excuse. Examples are there we may see neither did Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, or Mark Cuban have enough funds. They all started from average, middle-class backgrounds. What they used to their advantage to build their billion-dollar companies was blessing of time and time alone, a resource that we all have. Dr. Zulfiqar  Ali believe in this that Entrepreneurship for this there is no degree required and with minimum funds you can utilize the bounty of time. The punch line and nitty gritty of Dr. Zulfiqar’s lecture is this that “if Jack Ma can can than we can can”.

 I strongly hope that the whole team of ORIC University of Agriculture Multan will leave no stone unturned to make DICE 2019 ASF 9-10 October’s  event successful they all deserve thunder of applause for making it possible. . I must appreciate the humble efforts of Prof. Dr. Umar Farooq of Food Science, Dr. Amin of Horticulture and Mr. Zeeshan of ORIC  for taking DICE 2019 ASF as a challenge for business world and to lead it like a leader. Those students  who are just thinking they must stand up because you have a chance to be a ‘PANDIT’ yes you may be a Business ‘GURUU’ “You will be the Boss of your own” so there is another Chinese saying that “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” The meaning is very simple and categorically categorical that if you did not get a chance to open a business in past so wake up and do it now and now here mean just now

My beseechingly beseeching and humbly humble massage to the Youth of my Nation is this that “in every crisis there is an opportunity” so just read the massage of Dr. Khurshid Qureshi Chairman & Founder, DICE Foundation, USA and close your eyes you will see a positive catalyst for change “here we go.”       About The Author

The author Muhammad Naeem Toor is a Peace graduate of USIP WASHINGTON DC, P&C Specialist University of Agricultural Multan, Motivational Public Speaker, UN Alumni and HEBEI Institute Exchange Fellow China.