Directorate of Graduate Studies

The mission of Directorate of Graduate Studies is to streamline admission and research process of postgraduate students and provide all possible guidelines regarding course work, GS-10, synopsis and thesis preparation and submission. Moreover, to facilitate the students timely collection, approval and processing of their documents.

To enhance the quality of research, to automate the system of admission of postgraduate students and minimize the document’s processing time through the use of available technology.

The functions of the office of Director Graduate Studies/Director Advanced Studies are given as under;

  • To process the approval of new/revised postgraduate courses through Graduate Study Research Board/Board of Advanced Studies and Research.
  • Processing of applications for admission to M.Sc. (Hons.)/ M.Phil/MS and PhD. Programs.
  • Collection of course work and enrollment forms (GS/10) of postgraduate students in each semester.
  • Scrutiny of the synopsis and thesis, course work program and supervisory committees of M.Sc. (Hons.)/ M.Phil/MS and PhD. Students and agganging their approval by GSRB/BASR.
  • Scrutiny of the thesis of postgraduate students to ensure their proper format as laid down by GSRB.
  • Preparation of agenda and conduct of meetings of GSRB/BASR.
  • Exeution of the policies and decisions of GSRB/BASR.

Details of available facilities The office of Director Graduate Studies consists of the following staff; 1. Director, Graduate Studies Dr. Nasir Nadeem

2. Assistant Director, Graduate Studies Dr. Rao Muhammad Ikram

Directorate of Graduate Studies is determined to exploit its potential for the betterment of the University as well as the community. So far this office had conducted 7 meetings of Graduate Studies and Research Board /Board of Advanced Studies and Research wherein several decisions were taken and implemented. Some of the main achievements are given as under;

  • Initiation of online admission of postgraduate degree programs
  • Approval of courses, supervisory committees, titles of the synopses of postgraduate students.
  • Approval of SOPs for submission of GS-10 form
  • Approval for the revision in remuneration rates for M.Sc.(Hons.) thesis examination
  • Approval of various HEC decisions.
  • Approval for Institute of Plant Protection (IP )
  • Approval to initiate new degree program M.Sc. (Hons.) Post Harvest Technology under the umbrella of IP
  • Approval of Research Grant for PhD scholars at MNS-UAM
  • Approval of criteria for incentive award for faculty members on best research papers

The following forms relating to Director Graduate Studies are needed to be included. These forms are already available under icon Download.

Affidavit for Postgraduate

Office Staff

Dr. Nasir Nadeem

Dr. Rao Muhammad Ikram