Directorate of Students Affairs

Organizational Structure

Principal Officer: Prof. Dr Muhammad Ashfaq

Director Students Affairs: Dr. Mirza Abdul Qayyum (Male) and Ms. Saima Rasheed (Female)

Senior Tutor: Mr. Usman Jamshaid

Deputy DSA: Mr. Mudassar Aziz
Since MNS-University of Agriculture, Multan started its journey, keeping in view the needs for grooming and personality development of students at campus, Directorate of Students Affairs was established. The office of the Student Affairs establishes a liaison between University administration and student community.

Directorate of Students Affairs has its mission to offer a variety of services, programs and activities to support and encourage the intellectual, personal, social and cultural development of students. The Directorate provides all necessary arrangements starting from first admission inquiry to the last day at the Campus. This Directorate also encourages and endorses extra-curricular activities among students. It provides students different opportunities to take part in sports/games. It also provides them different platforms for the development of their literary and artistic potentialities. The purpose of all such activities is to provide students a conducive environment during their academic years in the university. This office functions as a friend and guide for students and is proving a bridge between administration and students to address their genuine problems. This office also holds the responsibility to maintain discipline and conduct in the university. To arrange workshops/ seminars is another important responsibility of the office. So far several student societies and clubs have been registered and performing different tasks.

DSA office is also involved to check political or unlawful activities of the students. The office also conveys the student's problems to higher administration to facilitate the students. The Office not only concentrates on curricular and co-curricular, but also profoundly concerned with the career building and financial assistance of the students.
The Directorate of Student Affairs is dedicated to the personal, intellectual, professional, interpersonal, spiritual development of students that promotes a healthy and diverse campus community.
The mission of the Directorate of Student Affairs is to:
  1. Promote student learning and holistic development that also fosters a recognition and appreciation of diversity;
  2. Provide services, facilities, and physical structures which encourage interpersonal engagement, stimulation of the learning process and promotes mental, physical health and wellness;
  3. Foster a campus community which promotes student involvement through enhanced interpersonal and social engagement opportunities, organizations and programs;
  4. Develop and enhance collaborative relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the external  community to better serve student needs and ensure high quality services and programs;
  5. Develop and expand efforts that encourage student recruitment, retention, and graduation.
  6. Develop leadership and citizenship skills by involving students in varied group experiences and roles, combined with training, supervision and consultation in leadership and group membership responsibilities and techniques.
  7. Implement orientation programs which effectively acquaint students with the resources and opportunities available to them and which encourage their probability of success.
  8. Provide and maintain structures for the development of reference groups and interest groups which respond to the changing needs of students through coordinating student group advising and student leadership training.
  • South Punjab Debate Competition (SPDF-2017) organized by The Debating Club
  • 1st Position in Mime/Dramatic at 6th Lyallpur Art & Literature Festival 2018at UAF
  • 2ndPosition in Web Designing and Development at 6th Lyallpur Art & Literature Festival 2018 at UAF
  • 3rd Position in Western Music at 6th Lyallpur Art & Literature Festival 2018 at UAF
  • 3rd Position in Treasure Hunt at 6th Lyallpur Art & Literature Festival 2018 at UAF
  • Blood Screening and Donation Camp organized by Blood Donation Society
  • Peace Mushaira organized by Writers Club
  • Peace Walk, Peace Seminars, Peace paper art, Peace Pottery, Peace Wall, Peace Blog, Peace Poetry organized by Peace Society formed under Peace Incubation training
  • Students training on Peace Incubation under Youth Peace Incubator Program offered by Accountability Lab, Islamabad
  • Students training on Active Citizenship Education-Community Engagement offered by British Council
  • Students Seminar on Youth Led Change Making in Collaboration with YES Network Pakistan
  • Curriculum development on Social and Religious Tolerance in Collaboration with Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE), Lahore
  • Launching of Volunteer Club, MNSUAM for Multan area Agriculture mapping sponsored by Mr. Arshad Jamil, USA
  • Tree Plantation “One child, one Tree” campaign under the direction of Deputy Commissioner, Multan
  • Salad making competition for students to encourage the use of fresh vegetables organized by Art and Calligraphy Club
  • University represented Showcasing Event of British Council held on April 12-13, 2017 and won the Best Social Action Plan Award
  • Participation in national championship
  • 3rd position in Intervarsity games
  • 1st position in Handball Tournament Multan
  • Hosted All Pakistan Women Badminton Intervarsity Event
  • 2nd Position in ISP Sports Gala Cricket
  • Hosted Basketball Intervarsity Event Zone-E
  • 1st position in Inter Club Basketball championship 2017
  • 2nd position in in Inter-University declamation Competition at University of Management sciences and Technology Lahore.
  • A team of students from MNSUA got 3rd position in Regional Drama Competition organized by NAB.
  • 1st Position in Handball Tournament at NCBA&E Jashn-e-Baharaan Sports Gala, District Multan.
  • MNSUA Multan participated in inter-universities competitions during 2015 and won several distinctions.
  • 3rd Position in Football, ASCII All Pakistan Intervarsity Competition, International Islamic University Islamabad.
  • Office organized Annual Sports Gala to provide student’s a healthy co-curricular environment.
  • Office organized Seminar on "Nuclear and Radiation Safety in Pakistan" in collaboration with Pakistan Nuclear   Regulatory Authority.
  • Office organized a Logo Design Competition for students.
  • MNSUA contributed in flood relief and rehabilitation activities and provided full helping hands to District Government to organize and establish flood relief.
The Office is also constantly working on the provision of merit based scholarships, need based scholarships and VC talent scholarships to the students with aid of financial aid office. Several Societies/clubs of the students have been registered under DSA office
  1. Qirat and Naat Club
  2. Debating Club
  3. Dramatic Club
  4. Writers Club
  5. Arts and Calligraphy Club
  6. Media Club
  7. ICT Club
  8. Blood Donation Society
  9. Character Building Society
  10. Plant for Life Society
  11. Young Students Peace Society
  12. Volunteer Club
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