Recycling and Waste Management

MNS-UAM is also initiating a recycling program of the waste produced. We are shifting towards minimum consumption of paper by increasing the use of online communication, double side printing, reusing envelopes for academic activities etc. Further, to properly recycle the waste three different waste bins are placed in the university. We are looking forward to taking more steps to reduce waste by eliminating plastic bags and disposable items.

The following steps are taken or will be taken to control waste or to recycle it as it will help to protect and save our environment:

  • Going paperless (to whatever extent possible we are working on it)
  • Keeping a paper recycling bin within arm’s reach in offices and keeping enough number of bins at various places in the university
  • Printing smarter (by printing only the most important documents)
  • Providing real dishes and silverware (by reducing disposable plates, glasses, bottles etc.)
  • Buying in bulk
  • Reusing binders, file folders, and envelops
  • Creating a recycling center (working on the project and it will start soon)
  • Providing Filtered Water and eliminating bottled water
  • Giving Employees Reusable Water Bottles