Water Conservation Policy

Water is life and it should be used carefully. There are many parts of the world and in our country where people do not get clean drinking water and are forced to drink unclean and unhealthy water. Future shortage of water is evident such as lower water levels,increasing salinity and drying rivers. It is extremely important that we start understanding the seriousness of this issue and adopt measures to conserve water. MNS-UAM also promotes the judicious use of water.

  • Use of Filtered Water in the campus

  • Try not to utilize drinking water for plants and washing

  • Make mindfulness about water preservation

  • Utilize water of rain

  • Utilize Low-flush or Dual flush frameworks in restrooms

  • Do whatever it takes not to utilize running water specifically

  • Never keep water running when not utilized

  • Consistently check spillages in the water supply and places of water utilize