Agricultural extension system plays multipurpose role in the provision of need-based and demand-based knowledge by serving as a bridge between research and farming community. The program of Agricultural Extension Education at MNS-UAM is designed to provide necessary skills in understanding extension oriented activities in agriculture related disciplines. The curriculum highlights the emerging issues of new and economically important agriculture and livestock in Pakistan. Moreover, the department is committed to quality teaching and research with improved sustainable development. The Department regularly updates its curriculum according to current scenario and demands. The Department focuses on different study programs such as Communication and Journalism, technical report writing and newspaper articles, adoption of innovations, cyber extension, evaluation and monitoring, administration and modernized agricultural knowledge and information system etc. to improve the professional skills of MNS-UAM graduates to develop knowledge based economy. The field of extension education focuses on "extending" university knowledge and resources to communities throughout the state. Extension offices serve as a community-based education hub where extension educators learn about their local community needs and help develop education programs to address them. Extension educators work with a range of populations, including youth, adults, diverse communities, and various industries. They coordinate and mobilize efforts to address challenging situations by conducting fieldwork, organizing workshops and trainings, and creating online informational resources.

Therefore, extension officers have vast market on this sector as advisor.