English is an integral part of the curriculum in all scientific disciplines including Agriculture Sciences, Agri. Business, Agri. Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology. It serves as a bridge between the students' years of study and the professional life that requires them to use English on a daily basis. The Department of English, MNS-University of Agriculture, caters to the needs of the student's English language skills with emphasis on technical/scientific writing to enable the students to write thesis and research articles effectively. Besides teaching, the Department is actively engaged in providing forums to the students for Co-curricular activities.

At present, the University is offering various courses at the undergraduate level with 2-4 compulsory courses of English, such as English Composition and Communication Skills, Technical and Business English writing, Functional English, Presentation Skills, in each discipline during their 4 years' study scheme. The Department has skillful and experienced teaching faculty to meet the requirement of the courses by using a syllabus that helps students to achieve their English language learning objectives during the course.