The changing role of the universities mandated a greater connectivity and strong linkages with the local, national, regional and international communities. Therefore, under the initiative of HEC, the Directorate of External Linkages was established in the Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan in 2016. With a vision for Internationalization, Prof. Dr. Asif Ali, the Vice Chancellor, appointed Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed as Director External Linkages in 2016 and Dr. Mirza Abdul Qayyum assisting the whole process. After its establishment, Directorate flourished well and made its place in the university system. With the evolving role of the university, the Directorate of External Linkages is becoming an important office to promote national and international collaborations and to develop partnerships with public, private and non-government institutions/ organizations, think tanks and Entrepreneur Institutions. This office also has the responsibility to attract international students, facilitate placement of university students and faculty in high ranking universities, facilitate interaction between faculty and industry and exert a pull for financing of training, research and development activities of the university by national and international donors, alumni, civil society and agro-based industries.

The activities in the directorate have gone up manifolds and almost every month, the university receives delegates from international and national organizations for building and expanding partnerships for capacity building, research & development and Outreach activates to bring good to lives of the farming community of the country.