Agriculture Volunteer Society

University offers opportunities to volunteer for the Multan area rural agriculture communities as an outreach program, to promote better crop yield and improve the lives of the people, particularly for the small farmers

Issues that the volunteers are working:

  • Reduce Over irrigation
  • Tackle the Problem of High soil pH
  • Pollution Irrigation water from domestic and Industrial waste
  • Safe Drinking water
  • Improved produce handling.
  • Better farm tools
  • Promoting small business opportunities

The work is very rewarding and satisfying for volunteers.

Anyone can volunteer, including from other countries. Donations are welcome.

Activities are carried out under ‘AGRICULTURE VOLUNTEERS SOCIETY’ (AVS), an initiative of a friend of the university, Mr. Arshad Jamil, of Piscataway, New Jersey. The society has proved to be very successful, liked by the volunteers and the Farming community.

MNS-UAM Students:  All students are welcome to join the ‘AGRICULTURE VOLUNTEERS SOCIETY’ (AVS).
Fill out Web Membership form and AVS shall contact you.

AVS web form

You could also contact senior AVS members, to introduce you to the society.
There could be a waiting period, depending upon induction of new Batch members.

Others, including from other countries:

The organization AVS, which manages the volunteer work, welcomes your participation.
It could be for min. 10 days to few months.
AVS shall make arrangements for stay.
write to, indicating your interest and availability.
Donations are welcome

IBAN:                       UNIL 0109 0002 3731 0424
Bank                        Habib Bank Limited

Ms. Shabina Arshad         $1,000 (March, 2017)
Arshad Jamil                      Rs.  13,000   (June,2017)
                                            Rs.  50,000   (Nov,2017)
                                            Rs. 261,040  (March, 2018)

Arshad Jamil                A number of pH & TDS meters, Arduino Kits  Nov. 2017
                                     More of pH & TDS meters, Arduino Kits, Transits  (March, 2018)

The volunteers work under “AGRICULTURE VOLUNTEERS SOCIETY” of the university. It was started on an initiative by Mr. Arshad Jamil and donation by his wife Ms. Shabina, of New Jersey. A Group of initial volunteers, led by their mentor Engr. Irfan, spare their weekends to serve the local farming community to help improve their yields, thus reducing poverty and contributing positively to the country’s economy. Link to Facebook Page:  


Provide Hands-on agriculture field experience for students to survey, map out and monitor Multan surrounding farming areas for soil properties, fertilizer application, and irrigation water application, to:
  • Get increased agriculture production in the country to meet the demands of the future population increase and     enough surplus to become a major export earning source.
  • Promote low cost and easily adaptable ‘INCREMENTAL EFFICIENCY IRRIGATION’ methods to the local farmers     community to reduce water use in Irrigation, from Present day 90% of all available water to 70%.
Work for Farmers

• Agriculture Mapping Plan: An innovative outreach program for services and quicker and faster dissipation of      knowledge to farm level (Fig).
• Wastewater treatment, and safe drinking and irrigation water.
• Long term benefit of Better hygiene and cleanliness for rural areas.
• The Farmers have the opportunity to enhance their earnings.
• Achieve increased agriculture production for the country and reduce water use in agriculture.
• Acceptability of agriculture graduates in agriculture community.

Completed Projects

• Android Based Soil Sampling App.
• Designed soil sampling auger.

Ongoing Projects

• Agriculture Mapping of surrounding farms.
• Designing soil sampling kit
• Designing soil testing kit
• Biosand Filter
• Clay-pipe based drip irrigation
• Arduino- raspberry based smart farming
• Sand bags as water control structure

Work in the pipeline

• Innovative crop rotation + Price control project
• Biosand Filter for arsenic removal
• Biogas production

Future plans

• Motivating industrial’s participation.
• Development of comprehensive agriculture field database for R & D
• Developing labour saving farm tools and devices. Increase efficiency, reduce man-hours
• Use of solar energy, introduce bio-gas, solve environmental issues, seeds & many more
  • Survey, Observation and collection of data and Samples
  • Lab Testing
  • Compilation and management of Data
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations to Farmers
  • Developing new tools, systems and methods 
  • A Society to provide volunteer services platform to the students for the neighboring community
  • Provide opportunity for hands-on field experience for students to survey, map and monitor farming areas    surrounding Multan for soil properties, fertilizer application, and irrigation water application
  • Develop Leadership, People’s skills, and Organizational capability to the volunteer students
  • Future Business opportunities to graduates in agriculture related fields and brighter Career Potential
AVS provides opportunities to the students of MNSUAM to develop their own business by providing partial financial and full technical supports.

Have an innovative business idea? Send your business plan at
Urooshiha Imtiaz: Hi there! I, Urooshiha Imtiaz, being a pioneer of AMVS would like to share some views about it. For me AMVS is not just volunteerism it’s a lifestyle that helped me excel. I became a shrewd learner, in almost every field. It helped me in many potent skills, such as, communication, IT, MS Office, publishing, thinking, optimizing and utilizing my potentials to the fullest. I just want to thank you Sir Arshad Jamil for considering me and believing in me. Moreover, for engaging me in such a tremendous path. I wish all the volunteers and new comers a very good luck!


Bakhtawar Tahir: For me, describing my views about AMVS in few lines is very difficult. Before six months, I became the part of AMVS now AMVS become the part of my life. Life changing or delighting moment was, when I first thought of joining AMVS ,"I can learn many things here", yeah I was so right. AMVS changes my whole personality, my way of thinking, my motives toward life, everything. Not only in other activities but also in studies, my cgpa rises. The journey starts from measuring soil moisture by tensiometer, soil sampling in jalalpur and IQ farm, learning many new things in Saturday sessions, going in fields (live interaction with nature apart from bookish things), campaign , the most important to me was writing articles and my first newsletter , and finally presentation in front of Vice chancellor. AMVS is the platform where I have learnt the lesson of volunteerism, moral ethics, responsibility, confidence to speak, sharing my view without any hesitation, my English get improved very much, now I observed things deeply, try to think about every aspect of life. For me AMVS is not a society, is my family.

Bilal Ahsan: I have been working in this society for 4 months and I feel like if anyone want to learn anything then u can in this AGRI MAPPING VOLUNTEER SOCIETY. Because this society tells the members the real meaning of volunteering. This society is a place of full fun and full learn everything about agriculture, business or IT. According to my opinion this society is a mini society within a university. I pray for this society by heart that this society make progress day and night and complete its vision for this society started. AMEEN


Kinza Sajjad:  We do practical work and it is very beneficial to us. We do soil sampling practically. Practice makes a man perfect that's why I like practical work.


Shees Sharif: I am a new member of this AMVS, I want to serve this society by heart and also do something good for our people and country in future. I am also the member of other societies at the university but I like AMVS, the most. AMVS teaches me something, very important and rare, called "Self Sacrifice”. It is part of our religion, reason of spiritual satisfaction, good for our society and need of the time for our country. To serve humanity without any greed is actually a worship.


Here I am having the best ride of my life, thanks to AVS. It was my first experience to ride on a donkey cart but it was an amazing and memorable ride of my life.

We go places outside from the city and far away from the main road, where they do not have public transport. I took bus which dropped at main road but my destination was so far and there was no transport system. I don't know what happened, but somehow I decided to walk but the boys have bikes and one of them prefer to walk with me. After few minutes, I got an idea to stop the donkey cart which was coming on my way. I request to donkey man to give me a lift. He obliged to my request and gave me lift to reach my destination. So, I ride up on cart and it was my first experience. The journey was so smooth and good. There was a canal on my right and the fields was on my left side. The canal water was so dirty and it was used for irrigation purpose .I think it was a sewerage water and i also want to work for the solution of this problem in future InshaAllah. I also saw the rural women who were working in the fields. They were nice and pretty but they were very sincere with their work. I amazed to see to work with such a spirit. The other thing I observed that they looked at me like I was coming from the other world, they wondered to saw that a city girl ride on a donkey cart but I also enjoyed that moment.

I saw beautiful clay houses and the cattle in my way. The dog chased the cart and I felt afraid but the cart speed was high so we passed away.

They had wheat crop, which is sprout out from the ground. Here was white birds who were looking gorgeous in green fields and also a small pond where the cattle drinking water. I heard cuckoo sound in the background. By hearing cuckoo sound, I was feeling fresh and relax. I wish to go there but the boys gave me a signal that our destination was near. The cart stopped and I thank to driver. It was a best experience of my life to ride on a donkey cart.