International Conference on High Quality Fodder and Forage Production in Climate Shift Paradigm

International conference on ″High Quality Fodder and Forage Production in Climate Shift Paradigm″ was organized by Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetics of MNSUAM. The purpose of this conference was to highlight the role of quality fodders and forages in increasing meat and milk production in the country in the backdrop of climate change. Another objective was to extend research collaboration and get benefit from research already undertaken at America. A large number of national and international, scientists, extension workers, postgraduate students and famers participated in the two days training workshop. In his welcome address, Prof. Dr. Asif Ali, Vice Chancellor, MNS-UAM welcomed all the participants and highlighted the significance of this workshop. Dr. Jeffery A. Dahlberg discussed common mistakes and issues in sorghum use as an animal feed. Mr. Saleem Akhtar (Director, Fodder Research Institute, Sargodha) highlighted the contribution of agri. research system of Punjab towards the improvement of fodder sector in Pakistan. Dr. Daniel Putnam (UC, DAVIS) shared his research experiences about alfalfa production systems for higher yields in environments similar to Pakistan. Dr Khaled Bali from UC Davis discussed strategies for effective irrigation management for high yielding alfalfa. Dr. Shaukat Ali Bhatti discussed increasing nutrient supply for livestock from the existing land resources. Mr. Fida Gadi, Biotrack highlighted the role of private sector and prospects of growing alfalfa as a better feed for livestock. Foreign and national researchers presented 25 talks under the themes of animal nutrition and fodder conservation, modern tools for crop improvement, crop management for sustainable production, fodder breeding for improving yield and quality.

There was a very positive interaction and exchange of ideas. The international participants especially acknowledged the hospitality and professionalism of MNS-UAM.

Syed ibne Hussain, Mr. Mumtaz Khan Manais, Dr. Rasheed Sindhu, Dr. Qamar Shakeel were the key participants besides large number of farmers and students.

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