Internship opportunity for Agri. Graduates on Agri. Farms

ADP funded Project"Enhancing productivity in 10 low producing tehsils through deployment of fresh Agri. Scientists at farm level"


The overall project objective is to improve crop productivity i.e. reduced the yield gap. It will be achieved through increasing delivery efficiency, adopting improved irrigation practices, promoting crop diversification, and effective application of agriculture inputs. This objective would contribute to increased agricultural production, more employment opportunities in rural areas, higher incomes from the farming, better living standards of the farmers, and improved environment.

Keeping in view, it is need of the time for employing the fresh graduates of agricultural sciences by deploying them with the potential employers to spend at least two crop seasons to gain hands-on experience while the government may provide a stipend to the off-set cost of lodging and boarding. The initiative will instrument the emerging youth to prepare themselves for the new challenges. On-Farm training, capacity building, and orientation will help to change their mind-set. The Proposed plan would complement the efforts of extension field staff of the province. This ICT-led initiative will address the communication gap between farmers and researchers.