Shahjahan Banquet Hall


Mango is a popular, highly nutritive and commercial fruit. It has won the global title ‘King of Fruits’ due to its excellent flavor, delicious taste and significant market demand. Its pulp is a rich source of vitamins A and C along with proteins, sugars, organic acids, ascorbic acid, carbohydrates and minerals.

Pakistan ranks as the sixth largest of mango producing country in the world. Mango industry is the second major fruit industry of Pakistan, covering an area of 174.6 thousand hectares with annual production of 1716.9 thousand tones. Over 250 mango cultivars are grown in Pakistan with Sindhri, S.B. Chaunsa, Dusehri, Anwar Ratole, Langra, Malda, Fajri, Sufaid Chaunsa, Kala Chaunsa and Rotole-12 being the major cultivars.

At present, mango industry of Pakistan is passing through a transformation phase where a shift is being observed from traditional practices to improved practice especially in export sector both at production and postharvest level. Various interventions have occurred in the mango industry of Pakistan as a result of awareness, R&D and technical support rendered to the industry by various national and international projects.



The mango festival is focused to bring following benefits:

  1. The stakeholders of mango industry will be brought together across the country
  2. Discussions will be made to overcome the prevailing challenges, to identify key gaps and explore options for improving the value and net income of the supply chain partners.
  3. The seminar will complimented with an exhibition, which would include display/stalls of several indigenous and exotic mango cultivars prevailing in the country especially in Southern Punjab region.
  4. It would also provide a platform to the mango industry stakeholders for mutual professional networking and collaborative business opportunity for future
  5. Several participating organizations/firms will display their products and materials
  6. Local communities and families will be allowed to visit the exhibition, which will learn new information on different mango varieties.


The festival will include following activities:

 Day 1 (14th July, 2018, Saturday): Opening

  1. Exhibition/Display arrangements (indigenous and exotic mango cultivars, mango value added products and mango related businesses e.g. input suppliers, pre and postharvest machinery, coldstores, ripening rooms and shipping containers etc)
  2. Opening Ceremony
  3. Open for families and general public


Day 2 (15th July, 2017, Sunday): Mango Festivity

  1. Exhibition continues
  2. Mango Seminar
  3. Mango Feast/Fresh and processed mango tastings
  4. Magic Show
  5. Drama Competition
  6. Mehfil-e-Mushahira
  7. Evaluation of stalls

Day 3 (16th July, 2017, Monday): Mango Festivity and Closing

  1. Closing Ceremony
  2. Souvenir, shield and certificate distribution ceremony
  3. Exhibition ends after closing ceremony