News of Webinar 18-6-2020 MNSUAM


MNS University of Agriculture, Multan conducted a webinar to raise awareness regarding “Daily life during COVID-19”. The university focal person of COVID-19, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq introduced about the webinar that was a segment of continued series of awareness sessions held by MNUSAM regarding COVID-19. Prof Dr. M. Azam Mushtaq, renowned Professor of Pulmonology, Focal Person Corona Management South Punjab and Dr. Umair Waqas, well-known Public Health & Epidemiologist were the guest speakers. Prof. Dr. Asif Ali, Vice Chancellor MNSUAM was the chief guest of this event. In this event, the speakers educated the audience about the importance of precautionary measures in their daily life activities as well as preventing themselves and their families under current scenario of COVID-19. Speakers urged that people can be protected by following SOPs recommended by Government of Pakistan and WHO. The speakers and Chief Guest strongly ousted the common myths circulating within the community, which largely concern the use of alternative medicines and natural remedies to cure COVID-19 as well as injecting poison to kill the patients. The speakers also urged that there is no doubt that balanced and nutritious diet along with regular exercise can empower our immunity. It was concluded that everyone must follow the preventive measure like wearing gloves, masks, and adopting social distancing in daily life as well as educating and convincing those people who are not following the SOPs. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq thanked the Chief Guest, Guest speakers, Dr. M. Azam Mushtaq, Dr. Umair Waqas for their precious time and valuable suggestions and experiences in the interactive session as well as the Organizing Committee and participants.