Library Department

Library plays a vital role in the academic life of a university. The fundamental role of the library is educational. It should not be operated as a mere storehouse of books, rather it should be a dynamic and vital role in enhancing the research facilities to the faculty, staff and students of the university. The university Library is being organized on these lines.

The library collections support not only every course in the curriculum but also include selected stock of general reference books, Islamic, Urdu and English literature, periodicals, publications, newspapers etc. The total number of books in the University Library is 3000. The facility of E-library is also available. Large number of books and journals are available in E-Forms.


The administration of the Library is comprised of the Library Committees, which are responsible for efficient management of the Library. The whole library system is going to computerized and online library service will be available through a network after the completion of the computerization process.

Establishment of a Book Bank is under Process to facilitate the university students where they can procure text/reference books from the Book Bank at a very reasonable rate (10% of the book price) and retain the book(s) for a period of one year.


  • Training of the university students on (how to use the library and how to search in sources and references, in addition to this, they are being trained for correct use of indexes and are being made aware to properly follow the instructions of the library).
  • Equipping the library with information sources that meet the modern needs of the research constantly.


Celebrating library day:

On 26-08-2016 a library day was celebrated. Respected Vice chancellor Prof. Dr.  Asif Ali khan and all faculty members were invited on library day. The day was organized by Dr. sidra Ghazanfar, Incharge Librarian and library staff.

Book Fair:

On Oct. 17-19, 2016, the Book Fair was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Khan. Many important personalities attended the inauguration ceremony including the members of South Punjab Agricultural Forum, EDO Agriculture, his staff of Information Officers and the Faculty and students of schools affiliated with “One Student – One Tree” along with some others. The faculty and students of the university were also present. The event was open to the general public as well. Light refreshment was arranged for students of the visiting schools during the course of the event.

Celebrating Iqbal day:

11-11-2016, on the eve of great poet and philosopher Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal,  “Iqbal Day” was celebrated to introduce the students the thoughts and philosophy of Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and Ideology of Pakistan.

Name Rubina Ahmed
Education Master in Library sciences (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
Designation Deputy Librarian
Email Address: rubina.ahmed@
Address Department of Library, MNS-UAM, Multan

Name Zunera Sajjad
Education Master in Library sciences (The Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Designation Assistant Librarian
Email Address: Zunera.sajjad@
Address Department of Library, MNS-UAM, Multan

Name Azhar Ali Khan
Education M.C.S
Designation Library Attendant
Email Address: azhar.khan@
Address Department of Library, MNS-UAM, Multan

Name Muhammad Umair Khan
Education MSc Economics (BZU Multan), Certificate in Library
Designation Library Attendant
Email Address: umairqaisrani@
Address Department of Library, MNS-UAM, Multan

Name Muhammad Ijaz
Education Master in Library sciences (BZU Multan)
Designation Internee
Email Address:
Address Department of Library, MNS-UAM, Multan