Aus-Pak International Conference on Pulses for Food Security is the first exclusive conference under this joint venture devoted towards grain legumes going to be held on March 27, 2019. The event will provide an opportunity to disseminate the findings of research collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Australia, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad, and Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhakkar. A team of scientists from Australia, United Kingdom, China and Middle East will share their research and learning experiences. Pulses are traditionally grown in rainfed areas on less fertile soils. Despite the fact that technological factors over the period spanning from 1975 till date have provided positive impact on the yield and production of main crops, no concrete effort to effectively establish sustainable legume based cropping systems has been developed. The decline in production, area and lack of interest in reintroducing grain legumes has been attributed to multiple factors such as poor marketing, reduced yields, price fluctuations, high labour costs, inefficient labour use, biotic and abiotic stresses, and lack of adoption by farmers of modern day technologies and cropping methods. These contemporary issues will be the hot topics for aforementioned conference. Moreover, sustainable pulse production will also ensure food security in this dynamic region.