Seminar on Traffic Awareness and Road Safety

MNS-UAM frequently holds lectures, seminars and walks in different areas for creating awareness among the community on various social issues prevalent in the society. In this regard, the Directorate of Student Affairs in collaboration with the City Traffic Police Multan organized a seminar on traffic rule’s awareness on April 2, 2019. The seminar was largely attended by the students, faculty members of the University and traffic police officials. Mr. Shahid Miyo of the City Traffic Police spoke about traffic rules emphasizing on use of seat belts and cautioned the audience on the repercussions of using a mobile phone while driving. Since driving rules are rarely adhered to in our country, it is need of the hour to curb the violation of lanes and signals in order to avoid fatal accidents. He further advised not to use roads for public protests causing heavy traffic jams and risk of losing precious lives commuting in the ambulances. Ms. Asia said that wearing a helmet keeps us safe from injuries, and it’s a law to wear a helmet while driving bikes. She highlighted the importance of wearing helmets while driving a motorbike. Prof. Dr. Asif Ali, Vice Chancellor said that as the main target of this seminar are the young audience, therefore, they are particularly requested to avoid use of mobile phone and not to over-speed while they are on the steering wheel. Some road safety video clips were also shown during the event, which were very informative. Mobile licensing unit was also there and student got the services of obtaining a learner license or license renewal with ease at their doorstep. At the end, 20 free helmets were also distributed among students following a question-answer session.

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