Department of Computer Science arranged a 5 days training on “Basics of Python Programming Language (BPPL)” with the collaboration of ACE Connect Institute. The resource person, Mr. Waqas Qazi, CEO of Ace Connect & Mr. Ahsan Shakil delivered the lecture on BPPL in order to boost the understanding of the students and the faculty members. Training started with recitation of few verses from Holy Quran. Afterwards, Dr. Aamir Hussain, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science welcomed the resource persons and introduced them to the participants. Mr. Waqas briefed the participants about digital generations, IoT and the importance of Python in today’s era. Python is a very popular language that is designed to be easy to read and write, he added. He also highlighted that people use numerous Python-powered devices on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not. There have been millions (well, actually billions) of lines of code written in Python, which means almost unlimited opportunities for code reuse and learning from well-crafted examples. He elaborated the factors that make Python great for learning such as its easiness to learn and usage which makes the actual programming faster. It is easy to use for writing new software – it’s often possible to write code faster when using Python; It is easy to obtain, install and deploy – Python is free, open and multiplatform; not all languages can boast that, he further added. Concluding remarks were given by the Director ORIC Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali.