Department of Computer Science

Computer Science is the subject of experimentation and engineering that form the foundation for the design and function of information processing systems. It is the scientific approach of computation and a systematic study of feasibility, structure, expression and mechanization that enables the efficient and effective access to information systems. To follow this vision, the undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Information Technology are being offered.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) and the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSIT) programs are being offered at Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture since 2014. The department of Computer Science is dedicated to train and produce quality graduates who can utilize the comprehensive knowledge in various fields of Computer Science and Technology. These programs provide an in-depth theoretical as well as practical knowledge that will enable the students to apply their skills in the emerging areas of computer sciences.

The curriculum of BS(CS) and BS(IT) programs is designed to train the students with advanced knowledge, research and development skills in Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Networks, Information and Network Security, DBMS and Operating System.
The goal of this department is to provide high quality education to develop human resource with sound knowledge in Computer Science and Information Technology. The department will enable the students to:
  • Enlighten with innovative theoretical and practical computer science knowledge.
  • Substantial exposure to modern themes in Software Technology, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Sciences.
  • Extend research in computer science and its allied fields.
  • Provide skilled professionals to IT industry.
The mission of computer science degree programs is to prepare technically strong students in computing and capable of working both in core and interdisciplinary areas. Students will be trained to contribute effectively towards sustainable economic growth and community development. This can be witnessed by their career satisfaction, role in management and leadership level in respective professions.
Computer Science is one of the most diverse fields in the world. The Information Technology has revolutionized the doing of business methods and dynamics of social life all over the globe. Similarly, in Pakistan, the IT industry has a great ability to boost its economic conditions. Cellular Companies, small and medium enterprises of IT companies are the major investment hubs in the field of Compute Science and Technology. The skilled computer science graduates can get jobs in various domains of computer science and IT. There is also a large scope of jobs in universities, research institutions, and IT industries in Pakistan and overseas. A strong liaison of MNS-UAM with the Agro-based industries which provide with an excellent opportunity to the computer science students to understand demand of the local industry which helps them to acquire a better position in the market using advanced technology.
Prof. Dr. Irfan Ahmad Baig
Position: Professor & Dean
Qualification: Ph. D
Expertise: Climate change, Resource use efficiency, Water resource management
Publications: 25
Dr. Abdul Razzaq 
Position: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph. D
Expertise: Computer Graphics & Animation, Digital PhD Image Processing & Machine Learning
Publications: 10
Dr. Aamir Hussain
Position: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph. D
Expertise: Computer Network and Security, Pervasive Computing, System and Network Security
Publications: 04

Mr. Israr Hussain
Position: Lecturer
Qualification: MS Information Technology
Expertise: Semantic Web and Database
Email: Israr. Hussain
Mr. Abdul Mannan Dogar
Position: Lecturer
Qualification: MS Information Technology
Expertise: Machine Learning and Analysis of Algorithm
Publications: 02
Email:  manan. dogar

Mr. Adnan Altaf
Position:  Lecturer
Qualification: MS Computer Science
Expertise: Digital Image Processing
Email:  adnan. altaf
Ms. Javeria Jabeen
Position: Research Officer
Qualification: MS Computer Science
Expertise: Software Engineering
Publications: 03
Email:  Javeria. Jabeen