Since MNS-University of Agriculture, Multan started its journey, keeping in view the needs for grooming and personality development of students at campus, Directorate of Students Affairs was established. The office of the Student Affairs establishes a liaison between University administration and student community.

Directorate of Students Affairs has its mission to offer a variety of services, programs and activities to support and encourage the intellectual, personal, social and cultural development of students. The Directorate provides all necessary arrangements starting from first admission inquiry to the last day at the Campus. This Directorate also encourages and endorses extra-curricular activities among students. It provides students different opportunities to take part in sports/games. It also provides them different platforms for the development of their literary and artistic potentialities. The purpose of all such activities is to provide students a conducive environment during their academic years in the university. This office functions as a friend and guide for students and is proving a bridge between administration and students to address their genuine problems. This office also holds the responsibility to maintain discipline and conduct in the university. To arrange workshops/ seminars is another important responsibility of the office. So far several student societies and clubs have been registered and performing different tasks.

DSA office is also involved to check political or unlawful activities of the students. The office also conveys the student's problems to higher administration to facilitate the students. The Office not only concentrates on curricular and co-curricular, but also profoundly concerned with the career building and financial assistance of the students.