The Registrar Office is established under Section 14 of Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan Act XXII-2013. The office is headed by the Registrar and assisted by Deputy Registrar (General), Deputy Registrar (HR), Deputy Registrar (Academics), Assistant Registrars and other supporting staff. Under the Act, the Registrar is the custodian of the common seal and the academic records of the University as well as registration of the students and graduates in the prescribed manner. The office arranges variety of administrative functions for the University under the supervision of the Registrar including the following:

Conduct of meetings of Statutory bodies of the University, viz: Syndicate, Academic Council, Board of Advanced Studies and Research and Selection Board.
To perform functions as secretariat of the University.
Monitoring and control of general administrative matters to keep the environment smooth for the Students, Faculty Members and other Staff.
Human Resource Management of University Employees related matters.
Updating and completing personal files of University employees.
Compilation of University Act / Statutes / Regulations.
Dealing with legal matters of the University.
Conduct of the University Convocation.
Correspondence with other public and private sector organizations/ institutions.
Administrative arrangements of Events/seminars, conferences, HoDs meetings,Executive Committee meetings, Faculty Selection Board meetings, Staff Selection Board meetings, etc.
Registration of students, maintaining students record, verification of documents of students, faculty and staff members from concerned authorities
To supervise the process of election, appointment or nomination of a member to an Authority or body of the University in the prescribed manner.
Enforce and implement academic and administrative policies as well as provide assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community.