Balanced diet and proper nutrition are the cornerstones of a healthy nation. At national level, various nutrition care policies are under practice to tackle the menace of lifestyle related disorders through nutrition education. Purposely, educational institutes and teaching hospitals can play a crucial role in the development of human resource with a vision to improve the public health status. Keeping in view the concept of improvement in public health, the Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, MNS University of Agriculture, Multan has been established with an aim to develop professionals with sound skills in management of health issues of the diverse population in the region through screening and planning dietary interventions. The department is objectively focused to improve human health by training future leaders in the fields of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. The department has a unique feature of collaboration with Nishtar Medical University, Multan for shared degree programs and community services. The expertise and facilities of Food Sciences, Agriculture, Human Nutrition, Medical and Clinical Sciences has been pooled to produce ideal professionals in the field of Human Nutrition and Dieteetics. The department is currently offering following
degree programs.

  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Human Nutrition and Dietetics (shared with Nishtar Medical University)
  • M.Sc. (Hons.) Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • PhD Human Nutrition and Dietetics