VC Message

Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan is a chartered and fast growing agriculture University. This university is envisioned to “provide systems and leadership in professional learning, research and outreach to promote agricultural production, nutrition, entrepreneurship and community service” to meet its mission of “food security and knowledge economy through intellectual and social transformation”. The faculty in the University is highly qualified, hardworking and dedicated for mentoring the students for professional learning, social skills and entrepreneurship. The University is housed in a large agricultural complex of provincial agricultural research, extension and services institutes/stations/offices. Capitalizing on the strength, our approach is to groom the students with hands-on training, solution oriented research, out of box thinking for innovations and entrepreneurship. The University is offering 36 degree programs, which are bound to expand with enrollment growth and diversification of academic programs. Currently, about 3000 students are enrolled in the University and 3 sessions have passed out, which are already doing jobs in the market.

I am very positive that those who would chose to join Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan will find themselves very well place for professional learning leading to a successful career. The faculty and administration look forward to serve you, and provide with you an enabling environment for your best academic and professional experience. I wish you a best possible worthwhile stay at this University.

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali

Vice Chancellor