1. The Unfair Means Committee shall be notified by the Vice Chancellor of the University.
  2. Committee on Unfair Means shall deal with the cases of the alleged use of unfair means in connection with the Examinations.
  3. The committee shall give the accused candidate a reasonable chance of showing cause against the action proposed to be taken and afford him, if he so desires, a fair opportunity of defense through the Form No. UMC No. 01
  4. The unanimous decision of the Committee on Unfair Means in dealing with cases of the alleged use of unfair means in connection with the Examinations shall be final. If the committee on unfair means is not unanimous, the matter shall be referred to the Vice Chancellor who shall either decide himself or refer it to the disciplinary committee. The decision of the Vice Chancellor/ disciplinary committee shall be final.
  5. If a candidate to whom the decision of the competent authority is communicated has valid reasons to appeal against such decision, he may do so within 30 days of the date of receipt of the decision in writing and by depositing Rs. 200/-. The appeal shall be considered by a Committee of Appeal comprising three persons to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor, excluding the persons who may have dealt with the case at a previous stage, and the appellant will be given an opportunity to be heard in person by the Committee of Appeal if he so desires. However, such a candidate may file a revision against the decision of the Appeal Committee with the Vice Chancellor within 15 days after such decision by depositing a sum of Rs.400/-. The Vice Chancellor may appoint a Committee and in the light of therecommendations of the Committee, final decision shall be made by the Vice Chancellor.
  6. No lawyer or next friend shall be allowed to appear on behalf of or assist an accused candidate during Enquiry or Appeal under these rules.
  7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these rules, no act or proceeding by the Standing Committee to deal with case of the alleged use of unfair means in connection with the examinations shall be invalidated merely by reason of the existence of a vacancy or vacancies on the Committee; absence of a member; or, by reason of any irregularity in the appointment or any member of the Committee.
  8. Any candidate, who is found to have in his possession or accessible to him papers, books or notes relating to the subject of Examination of that paper or detected in giving or receiving assistance or using or attempting to use any other unfair means in connection with the Examination, shall be expelled by the Superintendent of the Examination Hall.
  9. If it is found that a candidate has access to, or is in possession of papers, books or notes, which might possibly be of assistance to him:
  10. His answer book shall be cancelled, as a disciplinary measure without any implication of moral turpitude.
  11. In cases of offence or disobedience, he may be disqualified up to a period of three years.
  12. Any candidate detected in giving or receiving assistance, or found guilty of copying from any paper, book or note, or allowing any other candidate to copy his answer-book, or using or attempting to use these or any other unfair means, shall be disqualified from passing in the subject and case will be referred to committee on unfair means.
  13. Notwithstanding any other law for the time being in force and without prejudice to any remedy open to the University under such law:
  14. Any candidate found guilty of deliberate previous arrangements to cheat in the Examination such as smuggling in another answer-books, impersonation or misconduct of a serious nature and the person who impersonates such candidate, if he is on the rolls of the University, shall be disqualified for a period of not less than one and not more than two years, or declared as not a fit and proper person to be admitted to any future ExaminPation of the University, according to the seriousness of the offence and the other circumstances of the case.
  15. If the impersonator is not on the rolls of the University, the Controller of Examinations shall report the matter to the police with the permission of the Vice Chancellor.
  • Provided that in a case covered by clause K-i above, a candidate or the impersonator, on the expiry of two years including the Examination in connection with which he was declared to be not a fit and proper person to be admitted to any future Examination, may as a special case, be exempted by the Syndicate from further operation of this Regulation with the sanction of the Vice Chancellor.
  1. Any candidate using abusive or obscene language in the answer-book shall be disqualified from the Examination of that subject.
  2. Any candidate found guilty of disclosing his identity or making peculiar marks in his answer book for that purpose shall be disqualified in that subject.
  3. Candidates guilty of communicating or attempting to communicate, with examiners with the objective of influencing them in the award of their marks, shall be deemed to have used, or attempted to use, unfair means shall be punished accordingly. Communications of this nature addressed to the Controller of Examinations or other officers of the University, shall be treated as falling in the same category and the candidate concerned shall be punished by the unfair means committee.
  4. Any candidate found in possession of fire arms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offence in or around any Examination Hall, shall be liable to expulsion by the Officer and to disqualification ranging between one to three years.



1. Whispering / Talking

2. Glancing / Looking / Staring

3. Responding to others whispers and assisting others in seeing own answer sheet.

4. Other offences of similar nature and intensity

Oral Warning, Change of Seats Invigilator

1. Getting / giving assistance by exchange of personal items like calculators, etc.

2. Carrying mobile phone or any other electronic device

3. Repeating offences of LEVEL-1

4. Other offences of similar nature and intensity

Removal from the examination Halland mobile phone / device shall be Confiscated Invigilator with Controller of Exams

1. Writing on the desk before the start of the exam.

2. Sitting contrary to seating plan, intentionally.

3. Being caught talking while outside the examination hall during the examination when allowed to go out e.g. visit to washroom, visit to Administration for issue of temporary ID Card, etc.

4. Repeat Offences of Level 2

5. Other offences of similar nature and intensity

Warning letter with financial penalty (Up to Rs. 1500/-) Unfair Means Committee

1. Using pre-meditated chits containing helpful material.

2. Using Mobile Phone / Organizer to cheat.

3. Other offences of similar nature and intensity

4. Carrying helpful material written on hands / arms / calculator

5. Exchanging question papers

Cancellation of course with (“CC” grade (equivalent to “F”) shall be given in that subject with financial penalty of Rs.2500/- Unfair Means Committee

1. Exchanging Answer Sheets during the examination

2. Writing each other’s Roll No. on own answer sheet.

3. Replacing answer sheets with other answer sheets not distributed for this exam (e.g. prepared at home, prepared in class).

4. Proxy Sitting

5. Cheating and being argumentative, rude, aggressive etc. with the invigilator

Rustication / Expulsion from the Institute and (“F” grade shall be given in all subjects with financial penalty) Unfair Means Committee