Public Relations and Publications (PRP)

The department Public Relations and Publications Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan existed since the development of the university. The department became more functional in January, 2016 when the Professor Dr. Asif Ali became part of the university as the Vice Chancellor. It gained promotion and resources with time and now it has been flourishing rapidly since January, 2016. The department has an important role and it adds alot to the value of the institution as it acts as a bridge between the media (print and electronic) of the country and the institution in promoting the updates of the activities of the MNSUAM. The Department deals with all the aspects of media coverage which includes journalism, photography, printing, publication and public information services. The department is privileged for the projection of the achievements and the on ground research of the university. Communication with the print and electronic media is also one of the main focus areas of the institute. The weekly news bulletin helps the students, researchers and the public offices to get the latest information about the university. The bulletin has been designed keeping in view the requirements of the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Coverage of the various formal gatherings and the official functions is also under the PRP. The department also focuses on the key agriculture issues and their possible solutions. All the collaborated events organized within the university or outside the university have also been a privilege of the PRP department to facilitate the events with the coverage. All the social events organized with the help of other institutions or firms are also facilitated by our department.

To provide updated and positive projection of the university to the general public and other organizations while keeping in view the basic needs of community

To achieve excellence in print and electronic media coverage through collaboration, hard work, dedication and skill. Promoting positive journalism and updates of the institution and other organizations and including both academic and extra-curricular activities.

1. Development of media cell in the university
2. Publishing of fortnightly news bulletin of university
3. Working towards establishing own University FM radio station
4. Healthy collaborations with the major media groups

Public relation and publication department of MNS-UAM has covered many events like Cotton Seminar/ Kissan Mela, Mango Seminar, Book Fair, Sports Gala, Bank Mela, Kitchen Gardening Campaign, Khadim-e-Punjab Kisaan Package held at Multan and Bahawalpur, Salad Competition, Tree Plantation Campaign and many other events within the premises and out of the boundary have also been covered by the PRP.

Muhammad Ali Raza Sargana
Public Relation Officer
Muhammad Naeem
Urooshiha Imtiaz
Marium Idrees 
Assistant Photographer
Bsc Hons Agriculture, 7th Smester
Bassal Tariq 
Assistant Photographer
Bsc Hons Agriculture (Continue)

Muhammad Azam